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  • Corporate
3 February 2022

Rigby Capital unveils new brand platform

Rigby Capital is proud to present our new visual identity that reflects our commitment to facilitating access to technology for a better world: Rigby Capital accelerates ambition sustainably!

This new look reveals Rigby Capital’s expertise in funding solutions to our customers and through our partners.

This change is designed to highlight Rigby Capital’s ability to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market and to anticipate our clients’ needs. It is part of a desire to show how Rigby Capital also supports our clients in fulfilling the promise of ESG in a concrete way, both in terms of the environment and societal commitments.

The new website reflects the heart of Rigby Capital through a visual universe focused on people and technology.



Map Rigby Capital Europe
Rigby Capital accelerates ambitions sustainably

Rigby Capital is a forward-looking, ethical and inspiring facilitator.

We are a group united around our 5 values: trust, unity, agility, daring and positivity, with a “start-up family” mindset that allows us to respond quickly to meet our clients’ needs.

In addition, we are supported by the strength and experience of a solid family group (

Together we can build a better future.

Visit our new website to learn more…