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AAS - niveau 1

As-a-Service facilitating digital business transformation

Specialists in consumption-based payment solutions

Did you know that increasingly, the right technology strategy and the associated commercial and economic terms can result in the success or failure of a business or a project?

We specialise in asset-inclusive service payment, which can be structured from 12 to 72 months, and can include Device, Infrastructure, Print and/or Mobile-as-a-Service. Our priority is to structure the right deal for you or your customer based on usage over ownership, quality and service level. By moving away from a traditional balance sheet valuation, we can unlock greater capacity and flexibility within existing IT budgets.

Did you know that by 2024, experts predict

of IT insfrastructure will be 'As-a-Service'
service opportunity

Even more reasons to consider alternate payment solutions

Sourcing the most appropriate technology and relying on complex, resource-intensive procurement processes often leaves organisations hamstrung by unpredictable outgoings and inconsistent commercial terms and cost. Spending on IT can account for a significant amount of an organisation’s budget, and it is often difficult to justify, manage or maximise the return on investment — or even keep control over IT assets and rate of utilisation.

With pressure to reduce the cost of IT, whilst keeping pace with the evolving technology landscape means it is critical businesses understand their existing IT estate and how to ensure the best return on current and future technology investments. Furthermore, the market is in transition — in terms of how businesses want to consume their IT services is changing – and there has been an even more marked change since the beginning of the pandemic, when organisations needed to quickly adapt their IT service delivery, for example by facilitating working from home, adapting communications technology and access to data storage.

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