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Rigby Capital
accelerates ambition sustainably

Mission statement

Our mission is to empower our customers and partners to improve their business models and performance, thanks to our sustainable financial solutions, helping them build a better tomorrow.


Together we can accelerate your performance

Barnabé Testimonial Rigby Capital brooke-cagle-LCcFI_26diA-unsplash mimi-thian-ZKBzlifgkgw-unsplash

Rigby Capital provided the most compelling financing solution , allowing us to accommodate all our project requirements within budget, whilst also reducing overall TCO.

James Myhill,
IT Director, Canal & River Trust


Rigby Capital enables us  to structure innovative subscription-based offerings for our customers that meet their varied financial and business objectives whilst satisfying our financial requirements. An essential value-add to our business!

Jim Kelliher,
CFO, Actifio


Rigby Capital helped us to really differentiate ourselves in our target market, by supporting our sales activity with a structured subscription-based financial solution that meets our needs, and those of our customers.

Daniel Allen,
CEO, Sipcom


We‘ve found an alternative funding partner to support our extensive IT projects globally in Rigby Capital, providing an innovative approach that increases our efficiency, ensures faster payback/ROI and has also enabled future collaboration and potential mutual business opportunities.

Stewart Allan,
Global IT Director, Bibby Financial Services