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12 June 2024

Meet the Channel Sustainability Champions

Sustainability is one of many priorities for channel partners in 2024.

Regulations, competition and internal goals are driving customers’ focus on sustainability. Now according to Canalys, in 65% of conversations, customers ask about partners about their sustainability strategies. Europe has historically led the way when it comes to sustainability. This trend continues as 58% of EMEA partners have sustainability goals, compared to 48% of those in North America.

Channel Futures has spoke to a selection of channel partners and distributors who are leading the way in building sustainable practices, including Rigby Group’s own SCC.  See their commentary below:  

SCC: Saving More than 1 Million Devices from the Landfill

One of the U.K.’s biggest channel partners, SCC, recently announced a collaboration supporting an as-a-service solution that aims to stop more than 1 million electronic devices such as company mobile phones and laptops from going to the landfill over the next five years.

Electronic waste is now the fastest growing waste source in the world. Each year, approximately 50 million tonnes of electronic and electrical waste (e-waste) are produced. Only 20% is formally recycled.

The new collaboration is with the asset finance arm of NatWest bank, Lombard and Rigby Capital. Businesses will be encouraged to invest in and install the hardware and software they need, manage the services they require, and show how their electronic devices have been recycled and re-used at the end of their life cycles, utilising well-established routes to secondary markets.

Source:  – 7 June 2024