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Boost your business

Whether you are a manufacturer, reseller, distributor, service provider or systems integrator, Rigby Capital has the payment and funding solutions to support you and help you grow.

Looking to the future

Increasingly, the right technology strategy and the associated commercial and economic terms can result in the success or failure of a business or a project. At Rigby Capital, we work differently by supporting you to provide the right financial solutions to support the long-term IT strategy of your customers.

We help our partners with an ‘as a service’ offering

Although we can offer traditional finance and leasing offerings, in line with how the market is changing, we pride ourselves as a leader of ‘consumption-based’ financing – for example Device, Infrastructure, Print (or pretty much any IT delivery) ‘as a Service’.

Our priority is to structure the right deal for your customers, based on usage over ownership, quality and service levels. By moving away from a traditional balance sheet valuation, we can unlock greater capacity and flexibility within their existing IT budgets, which in turn creates a longer lasting, more relevant and profitable relationship for you with your customers.

A collaborative partnership built for joint success

Our partnership approach with vendors and partners means we can create bespoke financing solutions based on individual customer needs. We understand senior decision-makers key considerations and economic challenges facing all types of business today and can work with you to ensure that we account for their business strategy, cashflow, working capital, technology requirements and other factors unique to every customer.

There is little we cannot fund when it comes to IT deployment-related costs, including hardware, software and all delivered services, incorporating installation, configuration and data transfer, for example


Benefits overview

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Bespoke solutions - through our collaborative approach and subject matter expertise to deliver the optimal payment solution for your customer
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Increased performance - through joint opportunity development, profit optimisation and a stronger customer relationship
Customer experience - a simple process, effective online tools and local support available
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Forward thinking, outward looking - sustainable development, CSR and digital sobriety
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