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Our approach

We offer our customers and partners flexible, commercial models and payment solutions that suit their individual business needs
Why are we unique?

Our innovative, consultative approach to financing enables us to deliver the optimal consumption-based technology solution for you or your customers. We're specialists in a changing landscape of payment solutions - made possible through our team of industry experts and strong company values.

Sustained focus on social and environmental responsibility

We support the principle of efficient asset disposal at the end of its useful life. Removing disposal costs from the budget and planning process in advance can have a significant economic impact for the customer.  In addition, through our French team and their close relationship with Recyclea, a specialised IT recycling company within the Rigby Group, we can offer meaningful solutions in terms of social and environmental responsibility.


A collaborative, consultative approach

Before taking on your project, we take the time to consult and work with you to carry out a precise, detailed analysis of your issues and challenges. Together, we determine the most appropriate type of financing solution and work with all parties to ensure that it is implemented and managed most effectively.

Ecoute et compréhension
Happy to help - ongoing support

Our partnership approach as a trusted adviser builds long customer relationships that transcend single transactions.  Our operations team is always on hand for queries and support.

Designed to be transparent and open

Simple pricing and commercial structures makes it easier and quicker for customers to evaluate the options and make a more informed, long term commitment decision. For our partners, we reconcile paperwork into clear, concise bundles and provide advance expiry notice to aid account management.

Efficient economics

Our ‘master agreements’ and ‘schedules’ are facility, admin and arrangement fee-free and transactions are based on individual customer requirements, usage, deployment and end of term capabilities. Prompt payments benefit partners through improved cashflow and we help address common revenue recognition issues

Besoins d’usage
Committed to a digitally reponsible society

Learn more about our environmental, societal and economic commitment as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility here



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