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Our values

We strive to achieve the best for our employees, customers and partners...

Our commitment

We pride ourselves on recommending and delivering the optimal payment solution for our customers’ needs. Our experts are always on hand to listen, discuss and analyse your needs.  Partnership and collaboration is key.

Unit valur

Trust ultimately expresses the humanity of our brand, our interest in people and their needs (employees, customers, partners and end-users) and the reliability of our recommendations and solutions.


Unity and collaboration have been central to our thinking since our inception:  We recognise the importance of creating strong, durable relationships with everyone we work with – employees, customers, partners and vendors. Together we form a single team, focused on the goal and on achieving our common ambitions.

“Alone we go faster, together we go further.”


The driving force of our brand:  We dare to be different. To always excel for our partners and customers, to exceed their initial needs in order to offer them a financial solution that is also sustainable and more profitable, as an added bonus. Future favours the bold.



Our expertise enables us to be flexible, reactive and offer tailor-made solutions. As an SMB, we are not encumbered by bureaucracy and protracted decision-making committees for approvals, so can quickly take action and collaborate with our customers and partners, making us trusted advisors offering much more value than a standard finance provider.


The art of being a people-first organisation and adopting a constructive, friendly and caring approach is the quality we are most proud of. Positivity is a term that is perfectly in tune with our humanity and friendly state of mind, and our will to do our best for customers, partners, employees and the planet.