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Our values

We strive for the best for our employees, clients and partners, aiming always forward and upward.

Commitment in every sense of the word

For more than 20 years, by combining our expertise and our values, we have been able to recommend and then implement the solution best suited to your needs. Our experts will listen, discuss and analyse your needs and work with you throughout our relationship. We are conscious of the importance of partnership and we are committed to supporting you on a daily basis.


Trust is the ultimate marker of Rigby Capital’s humanity and ethics. It is integral to the consideration we have for people, whether they are our employees or our clients and partners. It is also built into the reliability of our solutions and our willingness to build with you over the long term.


The creation of a strong and lasting relationship with our employees, partners and customers takes us further and enables us to perform better, collectively. Together we form a single team, focused on the goal and on achieving our common ambitions.


The future favours the bold, and this position is embodied in our desire for action and innovation and our ability to provide answers. We continually seek to push back boundaries to develop our solutions and guarantee their efficiency.


The ability to adapt, to be flexible in our approach and, above all, to listen to the needs of our clients and partners is crucial for us. By taking your needs into account and sharing our expertise, we are part of a co-construction process that strengthens our ties.


The art of being a people organisation and adopting a constructive, friendly and caring approach is the quality we are most proud of. We seek the best for our employees, customers and partners, sharing our vision and offering long-term perspectives.