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Retail, deploy our solutions inyour distribution network

Tailor-made on a large scale

Rigby Capital offers a comprehensive range of services that allow our decentralised clients to precisely allocate assets and associated costs with maximum flexibility, right up to direct billing by us to user entities.

Solutions that balance autonomy and control

Decentralised or networked companies need to reconcile the autonomy of individual brancheswith centralised management.

A catalyst for growth and productivity

You deserve visibility on your costs per business unit, as well as efficient and reliable EDI solutions to save you time and effort.

Do you need a business plan to map out the growth of your network ?

With analytical data management, you can learn how costs are broken down by agency, shop or operational entity and easily make budget projections or build statistics to anticipate your expenses.

Your costs are visible and variable: you can measure the expenses of your business units efficiently, whatever your organisation.

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