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Propel your business model

Whether you are a manufacturer, reseller, distributor, service provider or installer, Rigby Capital has the solutions to support you and help you grow.

Looking to the future

Rigby Capital empowers its partners to help you adapt your business model. With sustainable financing solutions for your customers, you improve your business efficiency and build lasting partnerships.

Access to the functionality economy

Rigby Capital helps its partners accelerate the transformation of their business models by giving them the means to develop their own pay-per-use offers.

An all-inclusive partnership

Our approach to partnering with suppliers and partners is built with regard to the considerations of decision makers and the economic challenges facing all types of businesses today. We take into account your business strategy, cash flow, working capital, technology requirements and more.

We can integrate all costs related to IT deployment into our solutions, including hardware and software, along with all services provided, including installation, configuration and data transfer. With our knowledge of the various technological sectors, we will be there to help you set up profitable and efficient solutions.

Our partnership approach is based on a relationship of trust and is built around shared commitments for joint success.

In details

Personnalisation pictogramme
Customization: an advisory approach, an adapted partnership and an exclusive offer
performance pictogramme
Performance: sales development, profit optimization and an enhanced customer relationship
Journey: a simple process, high-performance digital tools and a local support
perspective pictogramme
Perspective: sustainable development, CSR and digital sobriety

Toutes nos solutions comprennent une phase de Design, de Co-construction et de mise en œuvre avant la phase de gestion des flux et le suivi au quotidien :

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As A Service Solutions

helping you build a financial model

solutions locative pictogramme
Rental Solutions

giving you the easy-to-implement means to access your technologies

gestion actifs pictogramme
Asset and Contract Management

providing you with a dedicated platform that offers an overview of your customers' contracts and your equipment pool.

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Tailor-made Invoicing

you invoice recurring services associated with rents and offer your customers tailor-made invoicing by conventional or EDI means.

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