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Make your social and environmental contributiona reality

For a digitalkly responsible future :


The circular economy is one of the foundations of finance offers, the approach of which has always been based on the responsible reuse and recycling of end-of-life equipment. Our reuse channel is managed within the Rigby Group and allows us to control the chain from start to finish. The measurement of carbon emissions and reduction targets are major issues to which we provide concrete solutions through our management tools.


Our finance solutions create the transparency that allows customers to consume responsibily. Thanks to our management tools and visibility of their assets, customers can optimise the use of equipment and help limit digital waste.


Beyond the circular economy, which is part of Rigby Capital's DNA and is fundamental to our business, our solutions give way to inclusiveness thanks to adapted business partners who employ people with disabilities. This is particularly the case of Recyclea, part of Rigby Group, responsible for materials recycling.

The circular economy: a virtuous circle throughout the lifecycle


Beyond good intentions, our financing solutions help build a better tomorrow.

As a professional equipment management company, we optimise the life of your technology assets through our integrated second life channel.

We also pursue social and inclusive goals by giving everyone a chance to participate in our ecosystem.

Solutions designed to be more sustainable

By their very nature, financed solutions include services that aim to offer a second life to the rented equipment.

This has always been our business and we have a perfect command of the entire reuse and recycling chain.

When Rigby Capital combines quantity with quality

For a CAC40 company, we are responsible for the entire reverse logistics chain of 5000 products per year. Our services for this project range from on-site packaging to auditing, certified data deletion and re-use.

Inclusive solutions, creating a better world

Through Recyclea, an adapted company of the Rigby Group, specialised in reuse and recycling, our services are carried out by people with disabilities.

A change is possible whatever your sector

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