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When development is ROI

ROI is essential for your investment in technology, but your cash flow needs are not always in line with your development, scaling and profitability of these assets. Rigby Capital is here to help.

Return on Investment (ROI) is often a key measurement tool to validate the relevance of a project and the investments it requires.

The timescale element of ROI defines the period of time required for costs invested in a project will be covered by the profits (or savings) that the project has generated.

The “ramp-up” phase of the project is where gains are still small before the project begins to generate at full power.

Rigby Capital’s leasing solutions allow you to move through this phase more smoothly by integrating the ramp-up phase into the contract to match costs and gains and avoid cash flow friction.

The full extent of our expertise

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Supporting your future development, today

Rigby Capital offers flexible and adaptable leasing solutions: we tailor your payment plans to your needs and to the growth of your industrial venture.

Transform your trial, whatever your needs may be

We are leasing a production line to an industrial client, which has enabled them to accelerate their growth and maintain their competitive edge.

Innovative solutions throughout the chain

At Rigby Capital, we offer solutions that align payments with ROI to match your profits with your costs.

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