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10 February 2023

Our latest quarterly recognitions winners!

We’ve had a bumper bunch of quarterly Value.Me winners this time.  Please congratulate:

  • Christine Taupin for Unity – an eminent professional who always puts the interest of the team first.
  • Sandrine Sergent for Trust –  described by colleagues as always available, reactive and reliable, she inspires great confidence
  • Nathalie Fouache for Positivity – always cheerful, Nathalie keeps smiling whatever her workload!
  • Mikael Drosdziok for Agility – a relatively new starter, Michael has impressed with his flexibility and thinking outside the box commercially. He makes things happen!
  • Gina Alves for Daring – an overwhelmingly popular vote, widely recognised for being a bold, energetic and tenacious team player.  She’s determined to achieve her objectives and values ESG and Customer Service highly.

And on the other side of ‘La Manche’, we have two notable winners….

  • Carl Ager, UK Finance Manager

Carl is recognised for both his Unity and Positivity due to his calm, steadfast demeanour – working with all the teams across multiple systems in a time of change.  He never gets flustered or puts upon others.   He also is a wonderful advocate of our French & English internal communications platform, Steeple – and one of the first to recognise team achievements or celebrations.

Then last but not least, we have a special call out for:

  • Simon Everidge, RCUK Managing Director

Simon, our UK MD, has been nominated for Positivity.  Our strong performance is due to his positive outlook, which has maintained during the challenges faced.  He is a brilliant motivator and great at maintaining momentum!

Well done everyone!

Value Me winners (1)
UK winners - Carl and Simon