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16 May 2022

Our first Value Me recognition winners

We’re delighted to announce the first two of our Value Me program winners – Philippe Guesdon and Marc Guy!

From our French team, we have Philippe and Marc – who were both nominated by the their colleagues for their exemplary behaviour in how they live and breathe our values.

Philippe Guesdon is an Accountant who has been specifically recognised for his Positivity (Positivité) by several of his colleagues! He has been with the business for over 20 years and remains positive in all circumstances and is always on had to help others. Philippe was also called out for his humility, reliability and taking his responsibility seriously.

Marc Guy is a UGAP Account Manager who has been recognised for specifically for reflecting the Unity (Unité) value. His colleagues claim that Marc is always available and helpful, demonstrating team spirit, altruism and solidatrity for the benefit of all of the UGAP team.

Congratulations both! Well done also for being our first Value Me winners!

Value Me winners