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16 February 2018

UGAP refers RIGBY Capital

UGAP selects RIGBY Capital as a public service leasing company

RIGBY Capital, a specialist in financing solutions, has been selected by UGAP to meet the needs of public institutions in terms of progressive leasing solutions and associated services. The financial conditions, the quality of the equipment and the technical and financial support services for the beneficiary customers were the main criteria of the consultation.


Public services confronted with the need to improve economic performance

In the context of a strong need for economic optimization for public entities, UGAP has decided to launch a scalable rental offer, adapted to each family of products and to the specific constraints of their use.

This new offer is aimed at all public entities and is applicable to the entire catalog. This unique service offer allows UGAP to provide its customers with an alternative comparable to those available to private institutions for their financing choices.

To meet UGAP’s expectations, RIGBY Capital has chosen to form a consortium, for which it is the representative, in synergy with five major financial partners: La Banque Postale Crédit Entreprises, Siemens Lease Services, Franfinance Location, BNP Lease Group and Dell Bank Int.

The leasing offer selected was designed as part of a global approach that combines a range of services,
tools and expertise such as

  • Support in complex and multiuniverse projects,
  • Advice on global financial strategy,
  • The provision of a customizable tool,
  • Fleet management until the end of the contract,
  • The evolution of the fleet,
  • Financial and administrative management.

This innovative leasing solution meets UGAP’s desire to support its customers in :

  • The optimization of their expenses,
  • The transformation of their organizations,
  • Supporting local SMEs and innovative companies.

Olivier DUBREU, Director of RIGBY Capital.

“We are pleased to have been selected by UGAP to deploy this new financial services offer for the entire public sector: the State and its public institutions, local authorities, hospitals and social establishments. This contract is unique and positions UGAP as a true precursor in public purchasing. It should enable UGAP, by relying on our tools, processes, expertise and organizations, to respond to the technical, financial and management issues of its customers”