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18 June 2021

SCC Engage 2021 Rigby Capital Roundtable

Olivier Dubreu, Managing Director of Rigby Capital and Sophie Blachère, Software Division Director at SCC France present their new offer during a round table discussion SCC Engage 2021.

In this program of less than 10 minutes, you will discover what Rigby Capital and SCC France offer in terms of software.

In this exchange, Olivier Dubreu comes back on the role of Rigby Capital as a subsidiary of SCC and on the way Rigby Capital accompanies the growth of SCC on its strategic segments.

Rigby Capital is also an autonomous and independent activity from its parent company where it deploys its expertise beyond IT.

Olivier Dubreu and Sophie Blachère come back on the specific solutions that Rigby Capital offers through SCC in the software field.


What are the evolutions of the software market and the main challenges for clients?

“SCC and Rigby Capital’s approach is customer-centric. We focus on meeting their needs. We have also noticed a significant evolution in the software market. Indeed, software is now chosen on a per-use and per-consumption basis, to better support companies that have not yet started the transformation of their software. The goal is really to work together with SCC, Rigby Capital and the customers. The SCC group has therefore set up a co-constructed, tailor-made offer.”

What are SCC’s expectations for this offering?

The first objective is to respond favorably to the specifications drawn up by SCC, to understand the constraints of the market and the stakes for SCC and for their clients. The second objective is to propose something different, non-existent, simple to sell and simple to implement and obviously transparent for SCC’s customers. The last objective is to propose an offer with optimized costs.

The FAST (facility agreement for software transaction) offer allows us to meet all of the above objectives.

FAST is a 100% SCC offer, exclusively SCC, 100% software, which allows customers to buy licenses at optimized costs while allowing them to pay for its software according to their needs, the rhythm of its deployment and according to their software constraints. FAST is an offer for private and public sector companies. In conclusion, it is a new and exclusive customized offer that allows us to accompany our customers in all their environments!

In short, FAST is simple, fast and above all effective !