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  • CSR
10 December 2020

Rigby Capital: co-constructing tomorrow’s models

Reconciling efficiency, financial resilience, and social responsibility in the post-covid world.

As a subsidiary of SCC, Rigby Capital has been assisting its clients for the past 20 years in the realization of their investment and IT projects.  The COVID crisis has accelerated digitalization. What are the customers’ needs, their constraints, the new pay-per-use models, the solutions, the use cases? On the SCC Digital Week stage, Mathilde SAINT-POL COUSTEIX, in charge of finance, operations and also financial innovation at Rigby Capital, explains the offer carried by Rigby Capital within the SCC group.


The crisis: tighter budget constraints

In the current context, many companies are looking to save money, depriving themselves of certain investment projects. As Mathilde explains, “Today we are faced with clients with stronger budgetary constraints, reducing their budgetary capacities. This is not necessarily the most relevant choice, because the crisis is pushing us to invest, to transform ourselves, to digitalize faster, to accelerate certain transformation processes in order to be able to pass this test.”

75% of companies are accelerating their transformation because of the pandemic.

The crisis reveals the challenges

The Covid crisis is a combination of two needs that are sometimes difficult to reconcile, given the context.  The first is operational with digitalization. The planned need becomes immediate. “Some groups were very late in their digitization process and had to equip their teams in a forced march in a few weeks.” The other need is economic, with the management of the impact of this crisis. “Conjunctively, the Covid crisis is a catalyst/revealer of the challenges of our society, not only because of the financial crisis, but also because the crisis questions some of the fundamentals of society and sustainable development is one of them.”

New needs, vectors of transformation

The current financial crisis has generated different financial needs. “For example, in the retail sector, the digital offer is no longer an accessory, but has become the main vector, causing different technological needs and impacting the business model of its players. Companies were forced to transform themselves overnight because they were closed. In order to work, they had to accelerate this digitalization process.


A circular economy approach

The Covid crisis also raises some more fundamental questions about society, about corporate social responsibility. “This is a real question, a topical issue and is becoming increasingly important, highlighted by this crisis. Structurally, rental offers in the broadest sense are part of a circular economy approach. The management of equipment until it is reused is part of the DNA of our business. We are working on this subject with another subsidiary of the group, Recyclea. We will ensure the reuse, recycling and a second life for the equipment that is made available. Our offers are fully in line with the CSR approach of companies, relieving them of this responsibility.”

“Ownership is no longer an end in itself.”

A society of use and sharing

Previously, companies had a patrimonial view of their assets. Today’s company is less interested in the ownership of equipment than in its use.  “Socially, ownership is no longer appropriate in a society of use and sharing. Today we rent our bike, our scooter and our car. We rent our music, our phone… Rigby Capital’s mission is to enable SCC’s clients to quickly access new technologies by developing solutions that are adapted and easy to implement.”

Rigby Capital's expertise

Generally speaking, the parameters of the equation to be solved for clients are technology, budget and time. “Our expertise is to develop solutions that help solve these: accelerate technological change, control budgets, align costs with usage times.”

Relevance of the offer

Rigby Capital enables its clients to carry out their projects and accelerate their digitalization process without financial constraints. “Rigby’s offer is fully in line with SCC’s offer and with the support of its clients in their digitalization. Our expertise covers rental and financial solutions and the management of associated assets. It’s all the more important to have this type of offering because clients are faced with complex choices, often dilemmas, between an increased need for digitalization and financial constraints that were not anticipated.”

Solutions locatives : Pay as you Grow

Rigby Capital offers rental solutions that directly address the economic and operational needs of its customers to facilitate their sometimes unplanned projects without investment. “Our solutions are both scalable leasing solutions, fleet management and, in support of SCC, As a Service or Pay as you Grow solutions. We also offer specific solutions for software. In addition, due to the flexibility of our solutions, we implement payment rescheduling solutions that can adapt to seasonal cash flow and temporary difficulties.”

Rigby Capital évolution

Asset management : flexible solutions

SCC buys out customers’ IT assets to help them plan renewals within an appropriate budgetary framework.  “Regardless of the crisis itself, our offer meets the flexibility needs of customers. SCC’s customers demand flexible, consumption-based solutions. We talk a lot about the ‘servitization’ of society and IT is at the heart of this process. Cloud and SaaS are the best examples of this. Rigby Capital is enabling SCC to build these solutions.”

Specific offers

In the current crisis context, companies are faced with significant cash requirements and must reserve their cash for immediate needs. “We have launched specific support offers that include the immediate provision of equipment, a payment plan adapted to the context and to seasonality: payment deferrals, non-linear plans, etc. We also take back our customers’ equipment to recycle it or to rent it out again in order to integrate it into the virtuous rental process.



Use cases

Companies are not only looking to subscribe their IT costs but also to optimize their operational processes for greater efficiency. “To these companies, we offer adapted solutions that integrate the supply chain and the billing chain in a fully automated way. For one customer (optician network) we have developed EDI from upstream (ordering) to downstream (invoicing to stores) allowing us to offer a seamless and operationally efficient solution. Orders are transmitted directly to SCC and rented. The equipment is then invoiced automatically, in EDI mode.

Pay the right "price" according to your needs and uses

Rigby Capital has developed a formula to support the infrastructure teams, allowing storage solutions to be paid for as needs grow. “Instead of investing heavily up front, the customer pays the right price, based on their needs and usage. This example, beyond the financial solution, also illustrates our ability to offer solutions that meet the challenges of IT departments. In the cloud, the emerging concept of Finops is a good example of the need for customers to understand and optimize.”

The complementary nature of SCC and Rigby Capital makes it possible to provide both the information to understand, and the solutions to optimize. “One of the specificities of SCC’s offerings in this area is that they are agnostic, not tied to any particular manufacturer, and they adapt to the customers’ choice.”