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20 October 2022

Congratulations to our September recognition winners!

Please congratulate our five latest recognition winners!

For Agility:  Jackie Lindsay (UK) for her hard work and perseverance at a particularly difficult time in terms of work system change; raising docs for suppliers and funders, chasing sales members and other third parties, whilst also doing almost daily testing to help the developers with implementing a brand-new leasing system.

For Unity: Fatiha Chettar (France) who her colleagues felt was even-tempered, always willing to collaborate and provide support to teams, whatever the field.

For Daring: Noel Barbalet (France) a leasing professional long recognised by his peers, Noel successfully manages large accounts for which his audacity has often made the difference.  Noel challenges, provokes proposes innovative solutions for his ccustomers.

For Trust: Bérénice Mege (France) a loyal and committed collaborator who perfectly embodies the value of trust that we emphasise at Rigby Capital. She is a person that both Rigby Capital employees and customers can rely on.

For Positivity: Claire Guignard (France) a recent hire at Rigby Capital and is already making a name for herself by going out of her way to bring people together.  Smiling, available, professional, and… very positive. Everyone enjoys working with her.


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